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Keto Easy

Almond Bread
Package Design

This product is created for “Keto” lovers. As researches of “Keto” cooking support group in Lithuania (FB “Keto Mityba”) show, members share recipes, struggle with cooking daily and they agree on one thing - they all miss bread the most. The moto of the product is “Keto is easy with “Keto Easy”. “Keto Easy Almond Bread” is for you who always wanted to try "Keto" and struggle with "Keto" meal choices every day. The purpose of packaging is to support the main idea “Keto is easy with “Keto easy” and to show all info, that is important for the customer and "Keto" diet follower, on the front side of the packaging. In other words the packaging is designed like a recipe written by a doctor. In final result we have a simple, clear packaging, quick to read, identifiable as a “Keto” product (by its bold written name), informative packaging, without distracting elements - only the well put together info. “Keto Easy Almond Bread” is a key for client to unlock his struggles in planning, cooking, discipline, counting.

Client / 

Biržų Duona


Role / 

Art Direction

Graphic Design


Studio / 

Old Rabbit


Year / 


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